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We are glad to present to the readers the first joint scientific journal "Social Welfare Interdisciplinary Approach" published by the universities of two countries – Faculty of Social Welfare and Disability Studies of Šiauliai University (Lithuania) and Open International University of Human Development ,,Ukraine" (Ukraine).

It is not the first year that Šiauliai University from Lithuania and Open International University of Human Development "Ukraine" from the Ukraine collaborate promoting social participation of persons with disability. Universities with their real institutional example strive for the creation of all conditions for persons with disability to study in the universities thus making real preconditions for further societal integration. It is this common aim that is the essential value uniting both universities. Pointing out another common value with the statement by Elster "History is the result of human activity not of ideas" we would like to explain not only the circumstances under which the journal appeared but also ensure that we would strive for the unity of science and practice, so that the research presented in the journal has distinct methodological direction – orientation towards the creation of social welfare in the society. Being for the unity of science and practice we firstly speak up for the investment in people and knowledge. It is the third value uniting us. This value basis: striving for social justice – active performance – investments in people and knowledge – not only describes mission and aims of the journal but also guarantees internationality, interdisciplinarity and originality of scientific works. Only by acting together we could expect the changes in the society.
Striving for the special attention to the quality of the articles we acknowledge all those who agreed to participate in the activities of the editorial board of the journal. The editorial board consists of the researchers from the Šiauliai Universities, Open International University of Human Development "Ukraine" and other high-qualified researchers from the USA, Italy, Poland, Canada, Russia, Latvia, Czech Republic, the Ukraine and Lithuania, as well. The articles published in our journal are confidentially and efficiently reviewed by two members of the editorial board or their appointed experts.
According to research subjects the scientific articles are divided into four chapters: "Social Challenges", "The Development of Professional Competences", "Disability Studies", "Psychosocial Rehabilitation". All presented articles are original research works oriented towards the possibilities of actualization in many states. The peculiarities of intercultural and interdisciplinary collaboration are distinct and we expect that in future they will only be stronger and stronger

The articles in the journal are presented in English. The journal is published twice a year. June edition will be published in Šiauliai University. Open International University of Human Development "Ukraine" is responsible for December edition. We believe that our academic publication will be popular not only among researchers, students and practicing people in specialists creating social welfare in Europe, other parts of the world.
The editors-in-chief acknowledge the authors, the editorial board, the designer, the director of Šiauliai University library, the staff of the publishing office and everyone who has contributed to the publication of the journal "Social Welfare Interdisciplinary Approach". The special thanks are for our future readers. We will not be able to exist without you. Inviting for collaboration we believe in the meaningfulness and future of our work together.


prof. Ingrida Baranauskienė


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Online ISSN: 2424-3876

Print ISSN: 2029-7424


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Special Education is an international publication, aiming at supplementing research and practical resources of education and social participation of persons with disabilities. It provides a forum for scientists and practitioners who work with people having disabilities in various spheres and environments of life.

Special Education has also a research communication mission: it unites scientists and practitioners from Baltic and other countries who work in the sphere of education and social participation of persons with disabilities. Papers for publishing in this journal undergo expert /peer evaluation and present results of analysis of reflection, empirical research, and practical experiences of educational and social intervention.

Special Education seeks to promote a multidisciplinary approach; it is open for educational, psychological, sociological, medical, managerial, political and other tradition of disability analysis.  Besides, the journal aspires to be trend setting by publishing only seminal papers reflecting the newest developments in research ideas and empirical practical activities. Papers can be published in Lithuanian, English, German and French with extensive summaries in English or Lithuanian. Journal matterials are included in the international scientific data base Education Research Complete  (EBSCO publishing).

Special Education publishes qualitative papers analysing educational, social, psycho-social and other situations of persons with various disabilities and special educational needs. The analysis of the situation should be based on the newest social and political attitudes and documents. Only ethically irreproachable papers with no discriminatory signs (attitudes, statements, terminology, etc.) towards the persons with disabilities are accepted.

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